Our Golden Ticket

We were boarded by the US Coast Guard last night. It was so much fun; I was really glad they decided to come aboard. Danny was with us and he is convinced that he wants to join up with the USCG when he is old enough. When I told their crew that, they chatted with him for a while and I think that it only strengthened his resolve.
I gave them a tour of the boat so I could show off my fantastic engine room and, of course, the hot tub too. No violations on our Golden Ticket (which made sense – with Brock as my captain, there’s really not a chance that anything would be less than perfect). I wasn’t even worried as they came over – it’s not like getting pulled over by the cops when you know you probably were speeding just a tiny bit and are going to pay for it. No, this was more like a party. With cool boats.

I think Danny had a pretty good time – he was a ton of help, drove the boat for a while, and cleaned up quite a bit pre-charter. Such an awesome kid.
My only mishap for the week was the discovery that one shouldn’t sand one’s arm with a power sander. Has actually taken quite a while to begin to scab over and it’s been fairly painful in the meantime. I’m thinking this one is going to scar for a while. That old adage that it only takes a moment of inattention? Yeah, that’s true.
So we’re up in Anacortes for Sunday/Monday, happy to have KJ going out for a while. Next post? From Lake Roesiger, I’m sure.
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