Southern Gulf Islands

It was a lovely trip; I’d like to say pictures will follow, but we’re doing a few KJ projects today and it’s more like that I will post pictures of that rather than the trip. We shall see; I may get a chance to add them.

There were thousands of jellyfish in Tod Inlet; I’ve never seen such a biomass. Brock thought there was a sand reef behind us as we anchored until the prop wash sent it rolling around in the water, swooshing jellyfish everywhere.

Tod Inlet was gorgeous and peaceful. We went to Butchart Gardens via dinghy.
Well, after we hung out onboard in the sunshine for a while…

We found time for gelato 
Tea at Hastings House on Saltspring with the folks was lovely,

as was a drive to Mt Mitchell and the views of the surrounding islands (on a dirt road with moguls…in the Mercedes)

Small farmer stands were all over and operated on the honor system

Wallace Island needed a Katherine Jane sign,, so I made one
Brock hung it on the cabin at Conover Cove

Typical Northwest evening in the San Juans on the way back home

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