Halibut 2012

OK, so we didn’t actually catch any; from the reports, it sounds as though halibut out in the San Juans and Area 9 was pretty slow all around. But we did have a great time for four days out in the Straits. KJ was awesome; we had 9 people on board and never felt crowded at all.

It was so beautifully flat calm that we were able to anchor near Kanaka Bay on the southwestern side of San Juan Island – NOT a foul weather anchorage or even one to try with any wind whatsoever. I did find this home on a point that would be ideal if I was ever forced to live on land again. It had a huge view of the Straits of Juan de Fuca and Haro Strait; they get sunrise, sunset, and all sun in between. I spent some time daydreaming about it, but I can’t imagine wanting to live on solid ground and not be able to take my home anywhere.

And then there’s always the Don’t Be That Guy shot:
Despite the freighter’s five blasts on the horn (aka Get The Hell Out Of The Way), this guy just hung out there. He was totally in the middle of the shipping lanes. (We were not; this was taken with a significant zoom lens) Just some crazy behavior out there.
We did dip our toe up into Canada with our one day licenses. Ling cod and rockfish are both open up there, so we did come away with a little bit of meat for our efforts. Nothing as good as a halibut would have been, but still, with such perfect weather, we couldn’t exactly complain!
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