Ranger dinghy complete

She is complete; she has been formally christened and her name is recorded by Poseidon in his Ledger of the Deep. Champagne was liberally shared with the god of the seas and with all who attended the auspicious event. 

Natalie took special care to ensure that Venganza was clean both inside and out. We ended up going with an AwlGrip finish and are quite pleased (to the point that I am concerned that Katherine Jane will end up with AwlGrip as well, a much more costly venture than a 9′ sailing dinghy).

The Goncalo Alves turned out to be strikingly beautiful. We put a Daly’s Teak Oil finish on it, simply because it’s so easy to maintain that way and has a warm look to it.

And then Magic Brock and my Nity went off into the lake. Nit commented when she got back that she would have to get used to the different motion of the sailboat. When it starts to heel to one side, her eyes get very wide. Just not a motion she’s used to on our 66 ton KJ! Looking forward to a great summer of sailing.

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