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The Best Kids In The World

…are, in fact, mine. Yes, I know, mighty strong words there…but it’s true. They ponied up their OWN funds this Mother’s Day to take me out to a hotel WITH A POOL (that and wi-fi were the primary requirements). It was completely their treat.

I was not allowed to carry my own luggage, nor was it necessary for me to open any doors. All of my needs were attended to & I felt extremely lucky! The pool was great ~ many games of Marco Polo were played, of course. It was a wonderful Mother’s Day! Hope yours was good too!

The Early Morning View

As I head into Snohomish at 0600 to deliver Thing One to school. It’s quite lovely when the valley is fogged in, but I particularly love the fact that all the traffic is headed the other direction at that hour and I’m zipping along at full speed…

Tulalip Reservation

The Captain and I went wandering again for Date Afternoon. Our meanderings somehow took us toward the water and to new little marinas. Try to contain your shock and surprise.

St Nicholas appears to be a shrimper, judging from the pots aboard (I’m still a rookie at all this stuff, OK?).

They have just a bit of tidal fluctuation in the bay.

Kamikaze Fish

So I was walking up the dock at 6:00 this morning (yes, people, that really does happen, more often than you might think) and I was engrossed in following The Captain’s footprints in the moisture on the dock. He had left just a bit before me and those little traces of him always make me smile.

Suddenly, his tracks went into a little scuffle/commotion ~ clearly he was stopping to look at something. And there it was:

A goofy little fish that had apparently made a serious misstep in it’s travels. It really was a spectacular one, from a small fish perspective ~ he was quite a distance from the edge. Leaping about, frolicking? Avoiding a larger predator? No idea, but it was not a good day for the little bugger.


Another pretty one they had at the Center for Wooden Boats. If you haven’t already, you need to go check out the new post on
Waterlogged regarding Swiftsure’s sister ship (try that 5 times fast!).

Note: Thanks to our anonymous contributor, there is a website to which I can refer you regarding this beauty:
Pacific Challenge