Mother Of The Year

Took Thing One to the doctor today after he came home early from school febrile and fatigued yesterday. I figured that since we missed a subclinical pneumonia for several months last school year, perhaps I should pay a bit more attention to vague symptoms this time around.

The doctor led us through the usual routine of poking, prodding, and looking, but didn’t find anything terribly disturbing on the physical exam. So it was off to the lab for a blood draw. S2B hopped right up on the chair and answered the tech’s questions. Yes, he’s had blood drawn before. Yes, he’d eaten earlier. Yes, he was fine to go ahead and get it done.

We were four tubes into it when the tech sharply told him to lay his head down. I was behind him, rubbing his back, so I couldn’t see that his face had gone ghost white. She removed the needle and I was putting pressure on the puncture, when his shade turned a lovely green.

At that point she was running for a bag, a towel, anything that would contain the clearly impending vomit storm. But alas, too late.

After the mop-up of S2b, the countertop, and the floor (somehow I lucked out and managed to avoid getting covered), we hauled S2B over to the EKG room where he could lay down and recover from this vagal episode.

This was the point when I lost my halo. Once all was basically under control & my dear firstborn was resting, I began to giggle. And that’s very hard to stifle. So it turned into outright hilarity. At which point, S2b rolled his eyes at me with the long-suffering look of a tortured child who cannot believe that his supposedly “loving” mother would actually have the gall to laugh after an incident such as this.

Then I took a picture.

And asked if I could blog the whole thing.

To the credit of his sense of humor, he said yes.

That’s funny stuff, kid.

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  1. bowiechick
    June 6, 2007 at 2:37 pm #

    That is a heck of a story Rob!Good stuff.

  2. rob
    June 6, 2007 at 1:55 am #

    Bless him, so brave! at his age I would have left home before anybody got me to take a needle! (in fact I had a head keeper aged about 50 that would pass out when a needle appeared near his skin, quite happy to inject animals though) I really feel for him! he will be ok next time. what a great sense of humour he has? letting you post the whole thing. Heres something that will make him laugh the keeper I mentioned, using a blow pipe, fired a dart into a chimp to sedate him for blood tests, the cage was small and the chimp new what was coming standing well back in anticipation, the dart arrived perfectly ( in the cheek of his butt and the small charge that ejected the anisthetic fired at the same time as the chimp pulled the dart out and flung it back hitting the keeper in the flesh just below his right shoulder! before the stunned keeper could pull it out, the chimp pushed the end of the blow pipe into the front teeth of the keeper and caused a few hundred pounds worth of dentistry work too. fortunately the chimp had recieved some of the anisthetic and the keeper only recieved a little but he was out for a good few hours, having ran home (a no no under the circumstances) and put himself to bed. the first think I knew was the next day when the vet told me that he had been called out not to the animals but to the head keeper. We paid for the dentistry work, which incidently, made the rotten toothed keeper look twenty years younger! Dont I go on sorry :o((

  3. bowiechick
    June 5, 2007 at 3:04 pm #

    Oh good sport that S2B. Get well soon!