Just went in for an early ultrasound today and we think that we’ve got a boy and a girl! It’s very early, so the tech wouldn’t let us hold her to it, but she said if she had to guess, that would be it. Both babies were very active (Twin B, the boy, was getting bumped around by my heartbeat ~ must be sitting right on the aorta!)and both were indignant when subjected to all the probing.

Everything else is good. There’s a potential 4-6 week charter for KJ next year ~ a family with 10 kids! The charter company wanted to make sure I was OK with that, and I am, provided the boat comes back in the same condition in which she leaves (but that’s true for anybody who charters her, really). They plan to hire a skipper, which is probably a good idea ~ they’ll have their hands full the rest of the time! We’ll see if it comes through or not, but I’m hoping KJ goes out a lot next year.

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  1. rob
    September 7, 2007 at 6:21 am #

    We here would call that a pidgeon pair one boy and one girl. I remember when the technician said to my wife I can feel two heads she nearly fainted as she immediately thought that her baby would have two heads! as it turned out it was one child, but twins ran in the family.Take care! and remember your a Mum in more than a million :o))