Bated Breath Until Morning

So I got home after a 14 hour work day, expecting to be an exhausted woman. Then as I was coming down the docks in the dark and the wind, I started to feel that “fierce-warrior-goddessness” beginning to flow…I am NOT going to be beaten by a stupid heater. No way, no how.

Took off my work clothes, donned my grubbies, and headed into the engine room. Found the fuel filter immediately (and then the light bulb came on “Oh, that fuel filter…yeah, I changed that one last year. I remember now”). Ah-ha! I was in the laz last week checking out random boxes labeled “Paint,” some of which contained paint, some of which contained all manner of other things. One of which was filters. Racor R12T filters, no less.

Only took about 10 minutes start to finish. There was definitely some sludge in the bottom of the filter assembly, so clearly this needed to happen, whether or not it’s the primary issue. Primed the new filter and fired up the system. Heater is currently running smoothly and I am optimistically heading off to bed, fully expecting to find it operating in the morning. (Imagine my crushing disappointment if it isn’t…better yet, let’s not imagine that…)

Tana, Rob, I love you guys! Thanks for all the moral support and technical advice during the process. Cross your fingers and I shall report in again tomorrow!

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  1. bowiechick
    October 4, 2007 at 8:39 am #

    Oh yah, and YAY YOU!!!

  2. bowiechick
    October 4, 2007 at 8:36 am #

    I know of these Racor filter thingies. Greig often complains to the big cheeses he works for that they should have extra on hand and they don’t. It’s an endless source of frustration for him.Rob, I know nothing. I ask Greig for advice and so gradually, through pure osmosis I might, in time, actually learn something. It is only by sheer chance that I can help others via him. I am just a conduit. It is a battle you see between wanting to maintain my Queen BEE/princess stance and not get dirty and yet trying to encourage, as Jamie calls it, “fierce-warrior-goddessness”, or an FWG. (Which looks like it should be an acronym for ‘fug-wug’!)It is the latter that Greig tries to encourage in me. Apparently it REALLY turns him on. And I want to be that but I just don’t want to get dirty in the process. I keep thinking I can skip that part and still be a FWG.

  3. rob
    October 4, 2007 at 1:09 am #

    The Racor is a water separator too so there may be a primary filter somewhere (or is it secondary) it may be a smaller filter closer to the unit? purely for taking the rubbish out of the line ( and not water) . but you may not necessarily have one of course as the Racor would be more than adequate! worth a check though! congratulations on getting it going! Tana, really knows her stuff! Oh ! if your engine ever stops its the same principle usually! check for crud in your engine Racor filter and drain it out, prime the system and start the engine again!