A Pregnancy Side Note

There’s a reason pregnant women shouldn’t live alone. OK, there are probably many reasons, particularly when said female is carrying twins and lives on a boat.

But for tonight’s entry into the Top Ten list, we have (drum roll please…):

When you drop a can on your foot
and it gashes your toe wide open
and there’s blood everywhere,
guess what?

You can’t reach your foot to bandage it! I looked like a gigged frog as I flopped my ungainly body about the salon, attempting to find the best angle at which I might reach my poor wounded toe. I did, of course, manage eventually, cussing loudly and laughing at the whole episode at the same time.

Without getting blood on the carpet, even. I consider that a Win.

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  1. rob
    November 12, 2007 at 10:59 pm #

    Quite a feet eh? Tee Hee Ha Ha !Thanks for the tip by the way,I haven`t been able to touch my toes since I became 17 stone :o)) so I will have to be carefull with cans, from now on! Love the lights by the way she needs another string around the cabin top if I may say, prefferably fitted on a still dry day :o)). You do (One does) meet some nice people associated with boats and boating dont you! glad you have nearly got the heater working, Take care!