Midst of the Flooding

We’ve got flood warnings on the Snohomish River tonight and KJ just took her first good hit with a log (remember how much I love the boat shudders? At least this year, they don’t faze me near as much) a few minutes ago. I think I’m somewhat less protected here than I was in the slough ~ there’s a lot more water moving down the main channel of the river than out there in the offshoots.

Still, I have a much more laissez faire ‘tude now, as I’ve seen a flood season come and go with no difficulty for my girl. There is a shear log diverting most of the debris away from the bow and she really isn’t getting pounded right now.

This is the first time I’ve had to walk UP the ramp to the dock, however.

***LATER, BUT NOT BY ALL THAT MUCH*** OK, revision. I still hate the thumps and shudders and bumps. I have no equanimity left. I don’t care if she has Ironbark on the forward part of her hull and will be fine through anything the river can throw at her. My edgy nerves make me jump through the ceiling every single time she gets slammed. So much for my casual and relaxed attitude…Taking bets on how much sleep I get tonight!

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  1. bowiechick
    December 4, 2007 at 12:07 am #

    Yah, we were walking down the ramp to shore too as the Fraser had swollen quite a bit today. Greig figured there was a mere six inches from high water to the road.Don’t be too laissez faire as I’ve seen pretty wooden boats poked by deadheads and that ain’t pretty. Lucky thing with that was there was nobody living on it. Stay vigilant on that pike pole and be careful!Nobody but nobody has the best interest of your boat at heart but you.

  2. rob
    December 3, 2007 at 11:58 pm #

    Uncomfortable! nothing that anyone can say will make you feel any easier, only the continued experience that she can take it will bring you the satisfaction of actually knowing that she can. You have a log boom out on the bow to catch and deflect the worse of it? so thats most of what you can do other than checking that its adequately positioned and working correctly, unless you move out of the main stream for the worst of the flood warning period? or moor a sacraficial hulk to take even more of the worst. Nature will ensure that you sleep when its really essential, but whatever you do don`t try to prod or poke stuck logs etc leave that to experience and “the beefy boys! with poles, tugs and lifejackets, take care and the very best of luck, our thoughts are with you. Oh! don`t forget that if you do have trouble use your flares if the vessel/or life is in danger (in your opinion as the owner) and your radio for assistance. A mayday is a Mayday is a Mayday, no matter where it occurs. Nothing like a flare going off in the middle of the night to concentrate the minds of all those around into a help mode!check out how to use the flares too as well as regularily check your mooring lines for chafe (which I`m sure you do anyway, just thought that I ought to say it, made me feel better):o))