Evidently, turning the barge around had something to do with working on the pilings at the shoreline? That was my guess anyway, as I left the boat the other morning. Not sure if it was removal or install (well, I suppose you would need something to drive them in with if it was an install…anybody see anything in the photo that looks like a pile driver? Or whatever they call it?). But it was cheerful to see the guys getting busy on a project, looking all tough and salty in their skullcaps and flannel shirts.

The little tug in the foreground is my dockmaster’s toy, Pine. I haven’t seen it go out yet, but apparently they’ve taken it out on overnights. It has a little forward berth, but apparently you have to watch your sleeves, as the engine (belts and all) is exposed and right next to everything. Cute little thing though.

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  1. rob
    December 14, 2007 at 2:26 pm #

    Looks like a piling head with the compressor lead on the Rhs to me what was the noise like or did they wait untill after you went to work (if they were considerate, that is) :o))