Dinghy In The Air

I have no explanation.

Came home yesterday to find the dinghy at the top of the boom. Short in the cables controlling the winch? Don’t think so – everything seemed to be working fine. Both controllers were still tucked under the canvas of the dinghy where I keep them safe from the rain. It would have been tough for someone to mess with the boat and then replace the controls as they were. No harm seemed to have been done. I pulled the cables out, returned the boat to its position, disabled the fuse which controls the winch/boom system to prevent further recurrence of this event, secured the dinghy with a new ratchet (the old one had corroded badly, thus the reason it wasn’t secured in the first place ~ which I think was good, as being restrained might have burned out the winch motor) and pondered.

I have no explanation at all. Just weird.

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  1. Jamie
    January 14, 2008 at 3:48 pm #

    Thanks, Rob! I too thought of somebody “messing with me;” however, the controls were tucked away under the canvas flap on the dinghy right where I left them ~ that would have been very tough for someone to pull off. Just a mystery, but I like the thought of a bag to protect the winch!

  2. rob
    January 14, 2008 at 1:26 am #

    Strange? moisture/water, may have shorted out the relay? switch off the winch from the main board, and check the housing for water ingress, failed gaskets etc, clean up the inside, reassemble and seal with silicon. Could be that someone was having a laugh at your expense, surely not? do make sure that you don`t touch the casing with the power on before you have had it checked for “shorting”, in case it is dong so. Also a small waterproof, talored bag, wouldn`t go a miss to protect the winch from the weather and extend its life, either. Take care!