Some Days, You Should Just Stay In Bed

And I seriously considered it. But Brock was off to work, it’s a glorious day, and I have a boat to make perfect before the Wooden Boat Festival. So I hopped out of bed at 8, got showered up (thinking to myself, “why are you showering before you work all day?” Bit of foreshadowing there, I should pay more attention to myself), and got the sides of the deck taped up so that I could paint.

Brock had brought home a brand new gallon of Interlux High Gloss White last night, so I was ready to go. He mentioned that while he was at the store, the clerk shook the paint and they had messed with it a bit. Did they take the lid off? We’ll never know. I certainly hadn’t removed it. Do you see where we’re going with this yet? Me? Gravity? Lids not secure?

Yeah. An entire gallon. Upside down. Photo taken halfway through cleanup as my brain thinks “Yeah, wow, this is bloggable.” Stupid brain. I think it was just taking a holiday from the shock. Running around hyperventilating, finding rags, swabbing what I could, keeping it OUT of the river. Down to the lazarette, only to discover the empty bottle of paint thinner. Who the hell keeps empty bottles??? Man, I hate that! I got it mopped as best I could, ran to the hardware store for thinner, and scooted back to the boat as fast as I could, leaving little toe and hand prints wherever I went. I swear, I try to clean without getting into what I’m cleaning, but it’s just not a skill I have. My flip-flops are toast.

On the plus side, it all came up without much fuss, just a lot of rags and spirits. I absolutely adore the Top Secret coating that we put on the decks over the CPES. The paint literally wiped right off. Whew! We have a few toe prints that dried and we’ll have to sand lightly, but overall, it’s fine. All’s well that ends well, but it is now 1:00, I have no paint, and I should have just slept in…

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  1. bowiechick
    August 25, 2008 at 10:44 am #

    umm..missed a spot! Seriously crappy accident. Could have been worse though.