A Seattle Kind of Day

There have been typical heavy November rains (I’m glad I’m not in the river this year, getting beaten up by debris!), so we dropped by the Locks this morning to see how the flow was and what was coming up the fish ladder. Not much in the way of salmon (one lonely looking Coho), but they had almost all the spillways going.

It was a little strange being on the “watching” side of the operations, instead of on KJ. It’s nice when we go through the Locks and all the operators recognize us (duh, Brock has worked here forever, I guess!). They have a certain confidence that we can do what we need to without too much babysitting.

Then we headed up to Snoqualmie Falls to see how the flow was. It’s at 4470 cubic ft per sec today, which is a decent volume, but not as large as it gets. Still fun to watch; lots of mist around the falls.

Onward to Alpental and a cruise back down a little road we had never explored. Hiked a mile to Franklin Falls. It’s the downside to King County hiking; you’re never far from people or roads. The falls are basically right under I-90. I tend to feel a psychic claustrophobia living in the city. I don’t think I could do it if I weren’t on a boat. The water isn’t too bad ~ too many people everywhere else. It was good to get up in the mountains. I’ve become so boat-oriented, I sometimes forget that my soul needs the woods as well.

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  1. rob
    November 10, 2008 at 1:37 am #

    Do you have a water “shortage over there”? Here we spend our summer and winter soaked by rain, and all our resovoirs and tanks are still empty, and our rivers burst their banks and kill people (according to our French/German owned water companies) I think that there must be something wrong there :o(( But they still manage to make many millions profit from not supplying enough water?