The Varnishing Saga Continues

It’s getting there. It’s got the base coat on and a few layers of topcoat past this. You can still see some grain in it though, which mars the mirror finish effect I’d like. So we’ll hit it with some 220 grit, then some 400, and strain the last coat to see if we can get it closer to perfect. Either way, it’s in good enough shape for the Wooden Boat Festival in a few weeks.

We put metal primer stuff on the anchor chain and painted the warning marks on it again (they become visible at the hawsepipe when the anchor is at the waterline, so that you don’t slam the anchor fluke first into the side of the boat). Hopefully the paint will last a bit longer on it with that prep. Plus the primer is so pretty, I have an idea that we should paint the 300 feet of chain (well, maybe 150′ anyway). Shiny is good!

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  1. rob
    September 2, 2009 at 1:27 pm #

    Wow really looking good! you guys amaze me you, ask for comments on how we would do it and then do it your own way better! Good for you, Brock is great! unlike me who is a supository of knowledge :o))