My Newest Luxury

Hot AND cold running water on my aft deck. I waved my Magic Brock at the project and *poof* there it was.

He initially tried to convince me that cold would be adequate. So I had to explain about the sense of luxury and being spoiled that comes with things that are just a bit above-and-beyond average. I’ve coveted a hot external spigot ever since the days of Carolyn, Dodie, and Julie’s beach house on Camano Island. And I finally have one!

It was truly decadent the other day when I was washing the salt off the boat (per the great Rebecca Wittman, salt crystals = thousands of tiny heat guns reflecting the suns rays onto your varnish) and there was warm water rinsing over my toes. Mmmmm, pleasure!

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  1. rob
    September 17, 2009 at 1:42 am #

    Not just pleasure ! shere luxury! wow, your mand is a pure genius and somebody you really deserve, Hang on tight, as there are even better suprises to come I`m sure. :o))