We Have It Good

The cam lock system worked! Not that we’re surprised. Now we have enough fuel onboard for heat for the winter and some playtime too.

The only hitch in the giddy-up came later when we were transferring the fuel from port to starboard tank to level out the boat. I went down to do an engine room check and discovered fuel pouring off of the starboard tank. Guess we didn’t factor in the fact that even when just using the transfer pump, the starboard tank still only has that stupid little 3/8″ vent. The system got pressurized and it started to leak out of the tee on top.

Easily fixed (plug the 3/8 tube and open the fuel fill on that side – voila, new vent) and we didn’t lose very much at all. Just a bit of clean-up with the absorbent pads and we were good.

That’s the main reason to have an immaculate engine room. Anything amiss shows up instantly when there’s not gunge and muck to hide it. The pink fuel pouring over the white tank was immediately obvious.

We had Brock’s work-partner and his family onboard one night. Lotsa fun, good food at night, fishing in the morning. Megan did catch one silver that was too small to keep (which was what she wanted, being a non-violent earth mother type). She caught, she threw it back, all was well.

Then we dropped them off and headed out to one of our favorite little anchorages for the night.

Port Madison is the closest cute little hideaway we have. It feels miles and miles away from anywhere. When we’ve only got one night outside the locks, that’s usually our choice.

And the rest of Sunday? Fishing, football, and reading on the aft deck. Doesn’t suck!

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  1. rob
    October 13, 2009 at 10:02 am #

    Wow the pacific northwest, what a great place to live is right! the tank mod is a great success, nothing like "learning togeather" great photos thanks for sharing! :o))