Happy Turkey Weekend To All

Had a lovely Thanksgiving evening out at the lake with the whole family, including my mom and grandma. We played spoons, ate pumpkin pie, and Nity & I went kayaking this morning. She likes to just go out to the middle of the lake and float, which coincidentally enough, I also love to do. So we just hung out there and had very Zen mom/daughter time on the water.
It was good to have some Zen onboard, because we then headed down to Westlake Center for the lighting of the Macy’s Star. I had forgotten how much I dislike crowds…and pointlessly long extravaganza shows…and well, we had a good time anyway. Our friend Katy was singing with the Seattle Women’s Chorus and they were great.

It’s a decent start to another holiday season – not my favorite time of year, but one I generally manage to survive.

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  1. Nity Jo
    November 27, 2009 at 9:46 pm #

    Crowds suck it was so not worth it! And the holiday season is fun and happy and awesome =) so you should just learn to love them =)<3