Time For Another Magic Brock Project

Because, really, I can’t slow him down, nor would I want to. All I can do is direct his unceasing energy in productive ways. It works well for both of us!
We are finally installing the hot tub on the upper deck. The super-cool part about it is that it will not change KJ’s look at all. You won’t even know it’s there unless you open the lid. It’s just a small soaking tub, but definitely big enough for the two of us (and that’s the perfect number as far as I’m concerned!).
Right now, we’re producing all sorts of metal shavings, wood shavings, and random other debris. My role is essentially Clean-up Girl. I come upstairs and run the shop vac behind Brock every hour or so. It’s not a bad deal.
As far as heat? No, it’s not being run off of the engine stacks. It’s connected into the Hurricance diesel furnace that now works all the time, with Brock around. There’s some heat exchanger thing and a skimmer filter and so on. But that will all come after the fiberglass, which is the next fun stuff. Apparently it means all manner of sanding. I do know that we bought 3 different grits, which I can translate into much labor (after my few years of varnish experience). And yes, it’s adequately supported from below. We’ll have an emergency dump valve at the base, in case we need to get rid of the water in a hurry for some reason. It’s about 150 gallons, I think. Further pictures as events warrant.

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  1. rob
    February 21, 2010 at 5:33 am #

    brilliant That man is amazing you are so lucky what does my wife have to do to get one? Whats happening to the extra condensation that the heat exchanger to the hurricane heaters flue pipe will attract is it drained off somewhere or is the heat exchanger a proprietry one if so that will be taken care of I guess I love the idea of the hot tub run by the flue same principle as the condensing boiler I believe using the waste heat, all you need now is a water maker :o(( for anchorages when on Hols? NO!!!!!! Dont tell me "Super Brock" has ideas based upon a pressure-washer pump and a jelly mould I dont believe it! :o)) I`m really impressed. jusy watch out for Brock dumping the water while you are enjoying a soak! I would :o))