HT Day 3 – Perseverance Despite The Rain

My job is still Cleanup Girl. Plus I’ve added on the job of running cache. There’s nothing like a well-organized bunch of materials to help make a job go smoother. It was always one of my favorite roles in Search and Rescue as well, because I think it’s important for speed and fluidity of an operation.
So far, I think Brock is under-appreciative of that role; he’s used to just having bags of stuff and empty boxes around that he has to continually paw through to find what he’s looking for. Nonetheless, I will continue, because it at least decreases the hillbilly look we’ve started to have on the aft deck this week. And I can flip the tarp over it all when we’re not here, but we’re ready to rock and roll when we want to.

Brock is continuing to work under the tarp. It’s pretty well set up there, but it sure was nicer in the sunshine we had last week! We’re devoting this entire weekend to the project, so we should make some good progress. It’s not an insignificant job and will probably take at least another weekend beyond this one. But we’re getting closer to anchoring out and watching the stars from the hot tub on the upper deck!
(Addendum: Brock says it is very helpful when I keep things organized; he’s just never had a woman who is so helpful on projects. We’re a good team.)

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  1. s/v Skylark
    February 27, 2010 at 2:05 pm #

    Hey Jamie, glad you found your way to our blog, certainly the more the merrier! Your boat is incredible. A hot tub sounds like a great way to spend your time.:) Unfortunatly on a sailboat, the only way to have a hot tub is to clog the scuppers in a warm rain. I am jealous. Look forward to your posts.Jim

  2. rob
    February 27, 2010 at 1:50 pm #

    Billiant! A truly appreciative man? that makes two that I know of. I suppose he`s not asleep under that Tarp is he? :o)) great job both of you! more piccies please.