Archive | March 7, 2010

HT Days 5 and 6

Mostly a bunch of grinding and sanding and layers of fiberglass, along with sweating of copper joints on the heat exchanger and other miscellaneous mechanical stuff. I realized last weekend that this was a bigger project than I had originally anticipated.

It took Brock until this weekend to reach that same conclusion. He’s arguing with the heat exchanger right now. It has the tiniest leak around one of the fittings, so he’s re-sweating the joint (can I say it that way? You know what I mean). It’s been just a bugger of a job. Last comment I heard was “Do you know how close this thing is to flying into the water?” There’s always gotta be that one difficult part!
Most all of the mechanical is done on the project – pumps, wiring, plumbing from the engine room and back, etc. We should get to gel coat this afternoon, as he put the final layer of fiberglass down early this morning.

Revisiting the shop of Industrial Strength Dean, it appears that things are going well there. This is the small part of the lid with all of the patches and plates removed. That’s where you end up from 58 years of random modifications.

Soon it will look like the bigger part of the lid which already had it’s new steel in place. Much improved.