As we continued the seemingly never-ending Clean Up After The Hot Tub Project, one thing became glaringly obvious to me.

Our lazarette still needs some additional organization, despite last years overhaul.

We were sitting on the aft deck, looking around at the piles of stuff (power tools, sandpaper, paint, the usual) and Brock was telling me how overwhelmed he felt by everything we need to do to get the boat back to show condition. I realized that a significant part of the problem is that he uses the same things over and over, but has to take the lazarette apart to get to them every time. All of the power tools are “supposed” to be in the bottom drawer of the tool chest, which they barely fit in and where the cords get into a tangled mess frequently.

As reluctant as I was to begin another project right on the heels of finishing the 3 month hot tub extravaganza, I knew we needed to do something conclusive to fix the situation.

Off to Home Depot we went.

The result? Horizontal space.

Once the paint dries, every power tool can have its own home. Taking things out & putting them away should be much less of an ordeal now.

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  1. bowiechick
    May 17, 2010 at 8:40 am #

    Good shots! I find it so hard to take good photos in the confined spaces of boats and it's hard to give things a good perspective.