Haulout Complete

Haulout is complete for the year. Bottom paint, hull paint, new zincs, a little extra added to the rudder tab.

We completed all of it from out of the water Friday morning at 9 to splash back into the water Monday at 4. The only time Brock really annoyed me was when he called me a “slow painter.” I was much more gratified when the crew at Port of Everett came back on Monday after their weekend off and did a double take at how much we had accomplished. They kept talking about how incredibly efficient we are. THAT’S more like it! We were all pretty much beat by the end of it, but had some great help from friends of ours: Kris, Rachel, Katy, Karen, Natalie – hey, do you notice the female theme here? My friends ROCK!


And of course, Danny on his longboard underneath scraping was a welcome addition.

Dean was there too, of course – can’t have a haulout without a Dean!


One Response to “Haulout Complete”

  1. Capt. Joe
    July 2, 2012 at 7:38 am #

    As usual, the lovely lines of Bill Garden and well taken care of – a beautiful boat!