Archive | November 8, 2006

1:23 a.m.

Yes, dear reader, I’m up prowling the docks in the middle of the night. What else would any sane boat owner be doing during a record breaking flood?

I was awakened by the creaking docklines and the log banging the bejesus out of the front end of the boat. I did actually lie in bed for a few more minutes, wondering if I could reasonably justify ignoring it all and going back to sleep. That lasted through a few more groans from the ropes, when I became my own drill instructor and ordered myself out of bed. Grabbed a flashlight and proceeded to inspect KJ in the cold dark night. I was afraid that something might have been caught between the dock and the boat, thereby adding to the strain on the lines as the river tried to push Said Object downstream.

But it appears to be nothing more than the bottom of a -3.0 tide coupled with the huge amount of water pouring downriver. I don’t imagine that I’ll ever see the water running this fast through the channel again (at least I sincerely hope not!).

On the plus side, I received an email from our new blog friends over at Waterlogged (bowiechick knows how to insert re-named links into her text – she’s way ahead of me there). That email, in the middle of the night, on a boat alone, was cheering to my damp soul. Reminds me that there are others out there, listening to the waters rush by and keeping watchful eye on their boats too.

That said, I’m off to bed again. Further updates as events warrant, which could be in as little time as a few hours with the way things are going. Who knew living aboard would offer such excitement?