Anybody Else Tired Of The Flooding Yet?

…or is it just me? Yes, I’ll admit it, my nerves are shot tonight. After very little sleep yesterday, I’m tired and a little edgy, which doesn’t help. Great day today, lots of cool stuff to look at, pride about the vigilant stance which I maintained all last night, and that obviously misplaced sense that I had “successfully passed the worst of it.” But now, at 11:00 pm, I feel like I’m in the foxhole getting mortared. The hits to the boat are frequent and cause the whole boat to tremble. They’re also just unpredictable enough that if I relax for a moment, another Boom/Shudder combination will shoot another rush of adrenaline through my system. Which was new and interesting for the first hour, but is getting a little wearying now. KJ seems to be handling it all with aplomb; since this whole situation doesn’t faze her a bit, I can’t imagine much that will.

This is the park in Snohomish. Those are picnic table tops you can see by the tree. The worst flood here in recent memory was in 1990. At that time the flood reached 33.5 feet above flood stage. Yesterday we were at 34.5 ft. Today we had another levee break. Now Lake Snohomish reaches from Everett in the west, up the valley (about 21 miles) to Sultan. The town of Sultan is underwater and Monroe is threatened. All the roads south of Snohomish are closed. Hwy 2 is also closed.

Trail leading to the park. And did I mention that it’s raining hard again right now?

2 Responses to “Anybody Else Tired Of The Flooding Yet?”

  1. Greg and Jamie
    November 28, 2006 at 8:40 pm #

    Thanks, BDIs. Good to hear from you, my friend! j

  2. Bradley Dean
    November 28, 2006 at 8:02 pm #

    oh Jame, we had our own little fun with the floods, but nothing like what you’re showing, I’m glad you and yours weathered it well.. thinking of you this season (happy b-day eh?)Beads