Archive | December 12, 2006

Jinxing Myself

I know, I know. I’m tempting the River Gods by even writing this post. But I was reading some older posts on Waterlogged and came across Tana’s story about falling in the river and thought ‘score one for Greg.’ His theory is that everyone who is around boats long enough will fall in at some point. Apparently, this is the one and only thing on which he and my ex-husband both agree.

And I, of course (being either self-confident or ridiculously naive & arrogant depending on who you’re talking to), had the audacity to say “I’m not going to fall in” when we first moved aboard. So far, so good, but there is a constant pressure now, as he is just gleefully waiting for me to get my comeuppance.

Either I will be zealous about my “three points of contact at all times” rule or someday I will have to eat my words. Time will tell…

Port Susan


This is the scene we get to watch nearly every day; I find it fascinating. Excuse the video quality. I figure if I post enough grainy bad pictures, the Captain might be convinced to buy me that Canon SLR I’m coveting.

I love checking out what the bridge operators are doing. The railroad bridge has a propensity for breaking down regularly. Yesterday, they were approaching it from the underside in their little boat, which was a new twist.

The crazy weather yesterday did bring us some great cloud formations and a double rainbow. No luck with the pot of gold thing though…