Archive | December 5, 2006

Laundry Discussion, Continued

OK, since this topic has created such a stir within the little Katherine Jane community, I will continue for just a moment ~ I very much appreciate the comments and suggestions so far (We’ve even got Greg doing some research on combination units – Go Team! You Rock!).

Rob’s latest suggestion was to place the unit(s) in the engine room. Clearly, there would be enough room here, given some ingenuity. However, Greg is dead set against that option for several different reasons, not the least of which is my propensity for dropping random items & the way a small sock caught in some engine intake or another would affect horsepower or something else critical…well, you get my point. I can live with that. So ixnay on the engine room for now.

Bringing us back to the lazarette option. While I appreciate the size of the laz itself, you may be able to see why climbing down this ladder with arms full of laundry, though certainly doable, might not be my favorite thing when it’s a cold, blustery night. And I can tell you that given said blustery night, I’m unlikely to be inclined to go retrieve the laundry when it’s finished. “Oh, it can wait til tomorrow, can’t it?” Out of sight, out of mind is a bad thing when it comes to laundry and me ~ this we already know from many years of experience.

Excuse the mess; we haven’t got to organizing this space yet. The freezer that’s down there can definitely go (it’s yet another case of “I can’t get to it easily, therefore I don’t use it”). It was put there by the previous owners, presumably since the boat was chartered and guests are so demanding about needing to be fed. Getting things in and out shouldn’t be too difficult, as there are two large aft deck hatches which allow access (although I have no idea how we’ll lift the freezer; it looks heavy no matter what you do…all in good time). Anyway, off to the right side is where I’d love to put the door into our stateroom. Currently the space on the stateroom side is taken up by a spare bunk which doesn’t do anything except hold Greg’s extra clothes. That and a tank, which I think there would also be room for in the laz, if we configured everything properly.