Ubercool Cookware

Those who know me IRL would never believe that I would get excited about new pots and pans, but these are REALLY cool! The whole shebang fits inside one tiny little space. The handles are removable and feel quite solid, the lids have strainers built right in (no more colander!), and each one has a tight lid for storage of food. Got em at Sailboat Owners website. (WooHoooo – new skill, check that out – a renamed link – htmlGoddess in the making – I am SOOO completely winging this) They’re Fagor commercial multifunctional cookware ~ love them! Might even cook with them…you just never know what surprises the universe might have in store!

One Response to “Ubercool Cookware”

  1. rob
    December 7, 2006 at 12:43 am #

    They look pretty good and very easy to store! I rather fancy one of those pans that look like two frypans connected togeather in which one can roast and boil etc not a pressure cooker but a cut down version! I have seen a demo at the LIBS and a roast dinner was quite easy (as easy as it could be) to cook in it! Im not sure what the name is for it a skillet? or something like that?