California Bound

No, not Greg and me. Just the punkinbrains. S2B and Nity headed off to the Palm Springs area for a week of fun and sun with their grandparents. Here is a piece of email from my Mamacita:

After 4 hours, I have retrieved two water logged children from the pool. Naturally they ate their grilled cheese lunches in the pool (on the little wall dividing the pool from the spa). After lunch, we watched two talented trainers and their dolphins give performances. Seems dolphins are highly motivated to do all sorts of tricks if given enough fish as treats. The girl dolphin was so smart she even counted the quarters she found on the bottom of the pool. Amazing.

Evidently, my childrens’ powers of playfulness and imagination haven’t diminished ~ we’ve spent hours and hours pretending we were a family of you-name-it (cats, chickadees, frogs, etc). The Lang Olympics have also been particularly rewarding in the creativity department. It’s been entertaining to raise these munchkins.

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