Still Pregnant

Blood pressure: Elevated, but not enough to do anything about
Contractions: Every two minutes, but not strong enough to do anything about
Protein in urine: Definitely too high, but not enough to do anything about
Insanity level: Elevated, but not enough to do anything about

Can you spot the trend here? Just…gotta…inch…over…that…bar…

I think Valentines Day would be a lovely bday for two sweet little twins, so I’m stepping up my mental determination to deliver these babies tomorrow. ‘Cause that’s done me so much good so far. The end in sight is a C-section scheduled for Feb 28th, so at the very most I have only 2 weeks from tomorrow to grit my teeth through.

But in honor of the fact that this remains a Boat Blog, despite the temporary foray into the gestational world, I’ll post this picture of the river tonight to remind both you and me that I love being on the water every single lucky day that I spend here.

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  1. bowiechick
    February 14, 2008 at 8:11 am #

    Oooch! Tis a lovely pink globe you’ve got there! Hang in there…BTW, I give you permission to use Feb 17 to pop. It’s my B-day actually and wouldn’t that be funny. Sorry, not laughing at you but laughing WITH you.Spring is in the air. There is a bird song I usually hear in the spring and I don’t know what the bird is but it is my official mark that spring is here. It was singing this morning. That and the air smells different.