Second Verse, Same As The First

That would be: Still Pregnant

At 10:23 pm, I’m losing hope that we’ll have little Valentines Day babes. A few scattered contractions. The tightest round belly skin I ever hope to see. Nothing else worth mentioning. The triage nurse referred to it as “Gladiator Cervix” a few days ago. Just what I always wanted.

Last night was one of those unbelievably horrible heartburn nights (waking up coughing and choking and gasping), in which I got next to no sleep. Tonight should be better, particularly with the mild sleeping tab prescribed by the doctor.

I had given him my list of options as follows: a) obtaining something he was willing to prescribe to help me sleep b) starting to drink myself to sleep every night or c) allowing him to immediately deliver the twins. Luckily, he has a sense of humor (or pretends to around exceedingly pregnant women, which would be a good survival tactic as a physician, I imagine).

Back to the monitors tomorrow morning.

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  1. bowiechick
    February 15, 2008 at 9:16 am #

    Hey, instead of taking some kind of traditional drug to help you sleep, may I suggest you as your doc about taking melatonin.I know that instead of taking sleeping pills that some people take melatonin instead. had a friend who had HUGE trouble sleeping. He started taking that where sleeping pills weren’t working and the melatonin helped.