Decks Complete

Ta-da! We beat the incoming rain by finishing up late last night and having a dry day today to let them cure (or whatever you call it!). They lightened up a bit; I was worried they’d end up too dark, but I’m reasonably pleased with the way they turned out.

We also found that the box here is a lovely teak, which we’ve now oiled as well. Everything was covered up by the dark whatever-it-was that they had put on the decks previously. I also sanded and touched up part of the caprail with varnish. I’m not going to chance getting that rained on though, so the remainder will have to wait until we get some decent weather!

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  1. rob
    May 3, 2008 at 12:00 am #

    What can I say but, I wish I had his energy. Well done Brock a great job! She looks great.