Everybody Knows My Boat

While we were in Friday Harbor, this gent motored over to us and seemed awfully curious about KJ. We started chatting and I soon found out that he remembered her quite well from her days in California. His father was evidently on KJ’s inaugural trip to Mexico and the Sea of Cortez with George Mitchell. I was astounded at his recall of KJ’s details (the fact that she was gray, her sailing rigging, that Stuart & Fellows built her) and it made sense to me that he is being appointed as archivist for NHNM and is collecting all sorts of Pacific Coast yachting history.

Soon thereafter, we exchanged emails and he sent along this drawing of our girl in her early “Beagle” days. He has several images of the boat which will be donated to the archive.

I’m constantly reminded of this piece of history on which I live, because something like this happens every time we go out on her. Love my boat!

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