Home Depot Gets Kudos For Paying Attention

Work continues into the night. Brock is skimming and sanding the final coats of glass. He’s driven to get this project done, which is a really great thing.
And I must give credit to Home Depot for paying attention to that crazy thing called the blogosphere. Thanks, Stephanie (see comment on last post). I will give her some details on the interaction and I end up feeling heard as a customer. And yes, Home Depot is very convenient and the disappointing experience will not deter us from going back.
In the meantime, Brock is hoping to get gel coat laid down on the next day he has time to work on this. And my Copper Bond epoxy solution (to replace the solder) worked perfectly ~ I get the credit for the heat exchanger fix!

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  1. Travis and Maggie
    March 10, 2010 at 1:08 pm #

    Wow, I can't believe H.Depot pays attention. How about that! We've actually almost completely switched to Lowes, I think the orange at the Depot makes everyone edgy, much calmer at the blue Lowes. Anyway, wow on the tub. So jealous!