Small World

When we were showing ‘s Gehts to a very nice couple yesterday, we began chatting about where KJ had been last hauled out (Lovric’s in Anacortes – great shipyard for many reasons). Turns out that not only do they live there, but they had seen KJ being hauled out. Somehow the conversation got to One-Eye (we had named her the Demon Seal, but obviously she’s unmistakeable), the extremely social harbor seal that lives in the marina there. So we exchanged email photos of this seal; theirs is below. Apparently they feed her herring all the time. What are the chances of knowing the same harbor seal? I suppose it’s a pretty small community in the liveaboard world when you get right down to it!

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  1. rob
    December 15, 2006 at 3:44 am #

    Thats for sure quite a coincidence! how about knowing a blogger that used to have three as “pets” in a zoo they ran! ( yes me ! Grey seals, and ten sealions Zalophinus californianus) the seals really are characters, when you swim with them, they will often creep up behind you and take a gentle nip! swimming away quickly when you turn, and will then turn back and watch you, waiting to see what you do! I hand reared some of the Sea lions and weaning them onto fish proper was really something else, I must have got bitten at least twenty times! and with rotten breath they all festered! eugh!