Redneck Date Night

Yes folks, this was a doozy of a low-brow evening. Ice Motorcycle Racing! Wooot! I had never even heard of this exciting and intoxicating sport (literally intoxicating ~ the nitromethane fumes in the arena were stupefying in every sense of the word) until a dear old friend of mine gathered a bunch of us together last night to breathe the vapours deeply.

I guess the funniest part is that Greg rarely likes to go out, at least not to the events I usually suggest. But Ice Motorcycle Racing? Oh yeah, baby, he was all over that. Spikes, bikes, ice, wrecks, possible blood and death ~ sign him up! Clearly, I need a new direction for our entertainment choices. It really was fun, I must admit, despite the minor hearing loss for several hours afterwards.


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  1. rob
    December 17, 2006 at 11:29 pm #

    I just love the video! a few years ago I was given a trike bike by Yamaha! and rode it, for a while, around the park I ran. On one occasion I placed my foot on the ground before stopping and was dragged off the bike and chased down the field by it before it finally ran me over and ran out of steam. I had tyre marks and bruises all over! try explaining that to the occupants of the next meeting I attended :o)) dangerous things! I think. Quads look fairly docile though?