Archive | January 9, 2007

Another Storm On The Way

New Storm Brings Triple Threat: “First, we’ll have another shot of rain move through, then rapidly see the winds pick up, and last, a sharp drop in temperatures tonight that will likely bring snow by (Wednesday) morning.”

I was chatting with our dockmaster today who said that in the 15 years he’s been here, this has been by far the worst winter he’s ever seen. Master of understatement, he pointed out “Well, I guess your boat is still there, so you’re all right, huh?”

Storm-prepping has become routine. I put all the window canvas back on the boat again today. The temps are supposed to drop precipitously again, so we might as well get ahead of the game and retain as much heat as we can. It’s a bit like living in a cave then, but I just pretend I’m on a sailboat…

Crushing Greg’s Dreams

Not on purpose, of course! Apparently he spent the morning fantasizing about taking KJ down through the Panama Canal and up through the Great Loop. Right up until he mentioned it to me and I came up with the following pesky details:

1. Where is the lowest bridge that must be cleared with no alternate route around it?
The lowest bridge that cannot be avoided on the Great Loop/Great Circle Route is 19.1 feet at mile 300.6 on the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal after the Chicago River/Sanitary and Ship Canal and the Calumet Sag Channel join south-west of Chicago. This is the AT&S; Railroad Bridge which is shown on the charts as a swing bridge. It is inoperable and no longer opens. THERE IS NO WATER ROUTE AROUND THIS FIXED BRIDGE FOR GREAT LOOP CRUISERS.

Which means KJ won’t be making that trip. Greg quickly bounced back after deciding he “really only wants to do the northern part of the trip anyway, so when can we leave?” I think my guy is having a leeeetle trouble readjusting to work after a three week vacation which included a great cruise…