Archive | January 12, 2007

Logo In Progress

We’re playing around with logo/mascot/slogan ideas to splash across various apparel/mugs/whatever. Tee shirt, anyone?

Great Loop Revisited

Rob mentioned that “There isnt a bridge that you can`t get round with the right kit!” when we were discussing the feasibility of going round the Great Loop circuit (truly an eternal optimist, he is). However, I neglected to mention the other limiting factor:

Trent-Severn Waterway: Minimum depths are 6 feet under normal conditions. In a few places the water depth may be less than 6 feet. Any vessel drawing more than 5 feet must contact the Trent-Severn Waterway office in Peterborough (800/663-2628).
Rideau Canal: Under normal conditions, there is approximately 5 feet of water in the navigation channel during the navigation season. This depth is only available in the center portion, which is a strip 33 feet wide in the center of the navigation channel.

KJ drafts 6.5 ft. Not sure I’m ready to play Scrape The Barnacles Off On The Canal! And dragging her round on a truck would be quite the undertaking!
The St Lawrence
system does look more and more interesting.

Totally Wired

Natalie got her laptop yesterday, so now everyone on the boat is completely wired. Yes, I have screen envy. She’s got an awesome widescreen ~ guess we’ll be watching movies on her machine from here on out. Child is rockin’ some serious hardware.

I’m on the mend from the viral invasion. Still have a headache and don’t feel like doing much, but not having to crawl up the stairs anymore. I still can’t imagine that Date Night tonight will be much more than cuddling up for a movie, but hey, that works.

Everything is still iced over, including the slough. We won’t be seeing any relief from the frigid temperatures until Monday. I’m wearing my hat and pink fuzzy socks inside like a good little sailor girl (saves on heating bills, or so I’ve been told). No, you can’t have a picture.