Archive | January 25, 2007

Kiddos At The Boat

The Stewball graced us with his presence at the boat again this week, which was awesome. Still haven’t figured out his reluctance to be here, but happy to have him when he is.

Mt Rainier was particularly fantastic yesterday morning from the flybridge. I love standing up there with a cup of cocoa, watching all the morning commuters going by. They rarely look over, all too intent on their commute. There’s not a day that I don’t appreciate how lovely it is here. Nity notices too; she remarked yesterday on how pretty the sunset was.

My Buddy, The Seagull

Well, he’s my buddy as long as I feed him anyway. It’s a rather conditional friendship…

Burning Bus On The Hwy 2 Trestle

You can’t really see the smoke from here. Much less the flames. But they were there, I swear! Sure did mess up traffic for a while…