Evening Chores

I go out at high tide every evening now to wash down the boat, particularly the decks. Keeps the wood swollen, so that it doesn’t pull away from the poly-something-something caulk stuff. Which basically prevents leaks when it rains. Which is a good thing, as a few of the leaks are above Nit’s bed. Which she definitely does NOT appreciate. Which I then have to hear about. Loudly.

And I’ve discovered an added bonus…we seem to be in the middle of some stupid spider hatching frenzy and they’re all over the damn boat. So this gives me the opportunity to wash them all overboard, thus fulfilling my maternal duty to my spider-fearing firstborn.

I also find that it keeps me in touch with my Katherine Jane To Do List (ah, need to touch up that spot…oh, should do something about that too…that sort of thing). I guess the more I’m looking and touching and checking her out, the more on top of the maintenance I can stay.

Plus it’s just so nice and peaceful out there at sunset…

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  1. bowiechick
    August 15, 2007 at 9:31 am #

    You have a spider farm as well? Prolific builders aren’t they and oh my do they get BIG! I also have quite a daily crop of teeny mozzie carcasses that I have to dispose of from the window sill each day. I do know that chestnuts repel spiders. Nurse Karen has put out walnuts and that seems to be helping in her room. Do spend the money on a really good caulking gun as anything else is an exercise in utter frustration.

  2. rob
    August 14, 2007 at 11:42 pm #

    Way to go! keep on top is the only way with boat maintenance, otherwise it will get the upper hand. Run the engines periodically ( say once a week) and the generators also add a fuel reconditioner if you aren`t using her often! check battery water levels too( if they are not gell batteries) expect to have to repair the caulking! so learn how to do that too, and then you will stay dry below. Good luck