Hypothermia, anyone?

Nit’s Campfire group was scheduled to go camping yesterday and to the Water Park today. Camping got cancelled due to inclement weather, so when we awoke this morning to pouring rain and a projected 63 degree high, I figured that surely they wouldn’t drag children out to splash around in that…

But I figured wrong. The group was on it’s way at 9 this morning. Nity and I gracefully bowed out, opting to drink hot cider and read books while snuggled up under our blankets instead. It was definitely a wise choice, one we haven’t regretted at all.

We did manage to get out for some fun the other night roller skating. I didn’t participate; usually I’m the fun mom who’s right there with the kids, doing whatever they want, but I didn’t think I could justify a fall to the twins’ parents. Such responsibility carrying other peoples’ children! Kids had fun, but we were all ready to hit the rack when it was over at 11..

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  1. rob
    August 20, 2007 at 9:01 pm #

    Sounds like a very sound strategy to me.